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Cowries, the divine art par excellence

Cowries and your clairvoyance instrument used in Yoruba culture, they allow those who are lucky enough to have lessons to learn about their future.

What is Cauris?

The cowrie shell is a shell that comes from the Maldives in the length varies from 1 cm to 2 cm, she does not speak it is used as currency also used for the making of jewelry and art objects.

The body is an exceptional divinatory object, very popular in West Africa, use depending on the type of clairvoyance by drawing 4, 7, 9, 12, 16 or 21 cowries. many say that the cowry shrimp is an offering from the sea to man bathed in a divinatory energy that only those initiated into this practice know the secrets.

Whatever the field of work finance family, the cowry will amaze you with these answers.

So do not delay and ask a great marabout initiated in the divinatory art of cowry shells, in order to answer all your questions.

The cowry shrimp has gradually made its place alongside fortune telling, tarology, as the essential in Europe.

The cowrie has language that allows precise answers to questions of life. how the interpretation takes place, it is based on the positioning of the cowries and the number of those that appear open and closed.

The cowries thrown, the initiate depending on the combination reveal the answer to your question.

How does a lance consultation with cowries take place?

The practitioner will do an invocation of the ancestors so the cowries are guided by their energy.

This one will ask you cowrie shells and ask him the questions you wish to have an answer, while whispering these little shells your questioning ah.

Then, the marabout will therefore throw it’s cowry shells, in order to give you the revealing interpretation which will obviously be the answer to your question.

You should know that the cowry print can actually be done remotely, in addition to formulating your question.

Do not hesitate any longer and call on our marabout specialists in the divinatory art of cowries, in order to obtain complete and precise answers, on your doubts your decisions, your present your future, you will come out of it amazed, by the accuracy of these initiate marabouts, who make you discover the best art of divination par excellence, yesterday today and tomorrow.